Next Mazda 6 Plucking The Trends It Wants To Follow

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The past couple of years have seen many carmakers pushing out more electrified vehicles and they are also working on autonomous driving technology while at it. With electrics and autonomy being the current trend in the auto industry, it won’t be long until gasoline and drivers turn obsolete.

One carmaker, however, is picking the trends it wants to follow and it is Mazda. The Japanese make announced earlier today that it has no interest in offering electric vehicles, let alone hybrids. This is because there has yet to be a clean way to dispose lithium batteries. Until the current batteries on EVs have found a proper way of dying, Mazda won’t pick up the electric trend for their cars.

But when it comes to autonomous technology, Mazda is keen to offer an advanced system which can rival Tesla’s Autopilot and Nissan’s ProPilot. The system is in the works at the moment and Mazda revealed that it will debut on their flagship car when ready.

This means that the Mazda 6 will be the first to get some self-driving ability from Mazda and we can’t wait to check out how it performs. The Mazda 6 is diminishing in numbers due to the declining demand for sedans and the autonomous technology that is in the works should be able to give it an extended life. Are you excited for the next Mazda 6?