Next Mazda MX-5 Miata: Something For Tall Drivers To Sing About!

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The Mazda MX-5 Miata is arguably one of the best affordable driver’s sports cars around and it is about to get update with a new-generation model.

Mazda confirmed on this yesterday when they talked about a new MX-5 Miata in development before citing that the vehicle will be making its official debut later this year. Even when not out yet, Mazda was generous enough to release some mild details on the car and one of them is meant for tall drivers.

Those that are tall will tend to have a tough experience with the MX-5 Miata due to the lack of space in the vehicle’s cockpit and this has apparently been fixed by Mazda through the next-gen model.

Mazda revealed that the next MX-5 will feature telescopic steering wheel that will allow easier reach without spoiling the leg room. You can think of it as a pole made to extend the positioning of the steering wheel.

For a visual representation on the telescopic steer feature, we will need to wait until the next-gen Mazda MX-5 make its debut so stay tuned.