Next Mercedes A-Class: Luxuries & Hatches Can Blend

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Hatchbacks or specifically sports hatchbacks, are really rare to come by in the luxury market and this is due to the common mentality where a luxury car must be large in size.

Well, luxury-king Mercedes-Benz does not carry such a mentality as they are in mad love with the upcoming A-Class. The next-gen A-Class has been in the works for a while now and it won’t be long until Mercedes decides to pull the curtains off the vehicle.

Some would say that the A-Class is nothing more than a cash-grab vehicle made by Mercedes-Benz but this is not true at all. For CEO Dieter Zetsche, he finds the A-Class to be a very special car and he has been actively joining in on the next-gen’s development out of sheer love.

Today, Zetsche was spotted taking a selfie with the next-gen A-Class which further shows how much he is into the luxury hatchback. If this is to mean anything, we can expect some extraordinary stuffs coming with the future A-Class.