Next Mercedes A-Class vs Audi A3: Scoping ON Digital Dash

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Audi’s digital dashboards not a stranger to the world as the feature has been heavily promoted by the carmaker. The digital dashboard basically offers driver a view of the car’s gauges through a digital screen.

But despite getting a lot of love for the experience which it has to offer, the lack of personalization and creativity has hindered the digital dashboard on the Audi A3 from turning into a craze. A sane mind with little interest in technology would just see the Audi’s digital cockpit as a feature that uses advance technologies to look like traditional meters.

It is funny how that statement makes sense and this is why Mercedes is reluctant to take the same route with the upcoming A-Class. A photo of the next A-Class got leaked online very recently ago and it saw an interior layout that is very similar to the E-Class.

There are two slates sighted on the dashboard of the A-Class and they are tipped to operate in high resolution. Despite the application of two slates, Mercedes maintained the use of traditional meters.

Some would say that this is wasteful potential, especially after seeing Audi’s brand of digital cockpit but it is not. Mercedes has gained a lot of success from this particular setup hence they can expect more by sticking to the same recipe for the A-Class.