Next Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 Takes Pride In ML Heritage!

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If you have been following Mercedes-Benz SUV program closely, then you should know that the GLE-Class is nothing more than a newer ML-Class. The GLE took things further by having a sleeker design and a more modern finish.

But when it comes to the GLE 63 AMG, the vehicle looks likely to have a boxy structure like how it was with the ML-Class. This can be seen in the latest spy shots surrounding the GLE 63 AMG.

As how you can see above, the 63 AMG is keeping its curves subtle. This immediately reminded us of the ML-Class but we don’t expect to see the GLE 63 AMG looking like the old vehicle once it loses the camouflage wrappers.

The GLE 63 is expected to be the ultimate SUV when released as it will have plenty of power to offer. Despite not being out yet, we can expect the vehicle to have a 4L twin-turbo V8 engine that can develop about 600hp. Are you excited?