Next Mercedes F-Cell May Change Off-Road Market Forever

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FCEVs are gradually growing in numbers and it won’t be long before the mass public starts recognizing them as a potential replacement for ICE cars like how EVs are today.

We have already witnessed a couple of hydrogen-powered vehicles offered in selected markets and among them is the Mercedes-Benz F-Cell. The SUV is made to run on hydrogen and its only emission is water.

While the emitted water may not have the essential minerals of a pure water, the product is still safe to drink but not in extreme consumptions. Mercedes has already proved this through employing Hollywood stars Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson to drive the F-Cell into Death Valley and they camped there with water being sourced from the SUV.

Today, Mercedes revisited the happening from 4 years ago by revealing that they have since made huge progress with their FCEV system and it won’t be long before they show it to the world.

If rumours are to be referred to, the next F-Cell will have an off-road capable, rugged setup like the G-Class except that it will be more tailored for extreme expeditions through having a water tank embedded on its rear.

Should that be the outcome, the next F-Cell SUV may just change the industry forever and this is due to its greater practicality as well as offerings.