Next Mitsubishi Lancer: SUV Setup Comes With Subaru Aspirations?

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By now, you must have at least heard about Mitsubishi’s revival plans under the guidance of new owner Nissan. If you haven’t, let’s just say that the once great company is hoping to have an SUV-only family.

Mitsubishi has openly admitted to this and they even said that the next Lancer will no longer be built as a sport sedan. Due to get unveiled next year, the next-gen Lancer will have the structure of a sporty crossover.

The Lancer was once recognized as some of the best sports cars around hence seeing the nameplate being used for a crossover project has left many feeling insulted. But then again, the idea may not be from Mitsubishi at all.

Prior to the acquisition of Mitsubishi, Nissan only have one major partner and that is Renault. Both companies have been catering to all section of the market and having Mitsubishi doing the same thing will not help the sales cause.

As such, it is likely for Nissan to make Mitsubishi focus only on crossovers, SUVs and heavy-duty vehicles. It will be like what Subaru is doing for the mass market.

Of course, Subaru has got the Impreza and WRX but those are the only non-SUVs in their line-up. It is also worth noting that Toyota has got some shares in Subaru and it may have an influence on the company’s target markets. Could it be the same for Mitsubishi?