Next Nissan 370Z: Tokyo Brings Verdict To Delay!

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The successor for the Nissan 370Z is something many are eager to see happening but we don’t expect it to happen anytime soon. While the Z’s release pattern may indicate 2017 as the year where the 370Z gets replaced with a new-gen Z-car, Nissan’s behavior towards the subject suggests something different.

Nissan has been very quiet in regards to the development of the Z-car, at least until last month when they announced on a mildly updated 2018 370Z. The 2018 model will turn the NISMO add-ons with the 370Z as a standard feature and also feature new black door handles, black rear bumper fascia, and new 19-inch alloy wheels.

With such an update, the 2018 370Z may just hand the current-generation model an extended life thus delaying the arrival of the next-gen model. This contradicts with the rumors that have been claiming on a new Z-car coming out at the next Tokyo Motor Show.

There is just so much uncertainty with the fate of the next Z-car and the only way to find out for sure is through tuning into the Tokyo Motor Show later this month. Will the next Z get delayed or will the rumors come out right? Personally, we would prefer the latter.