Next Nissan Frontier Wants No Association With Mercedes X-Class!

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The Nissan Frontier is a decent midsized pickup truck you can buy but you may want to hold off from purchasing the vehicle right now. This is because Nissan has commenced developing the next-gen Frontier and their early remarks on the upcoming vehicle signals on something exciting.

As how it was reported on Motor Trend, the priority for the next-gen Frontier is to be nothing like the Nissan Navara. The latter is the global version of Nissan’s midsized pickup truck and it has been turned into a base model for the Mercedes-Benz X-Class.

The report also indicated that the next-gen Frontier wants to put a stronger emphasis on off-road performance and it is also targeting a completely new powertrain line-up.

The details are not provided at the moment but they should be out officially in about a year from now. Personally, we are curious to see what the Frontier will have to offer and we predict the outcome to be like a rescaled Nissan Titan. What do you think?