Next Nissan Leaf May Ditch EV For Corn Syrup!

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After months of waiting, it has finally happened. Nissan teased in their latest announcement that the next-gen Leaf is in development. Nissan also revealed that they are working on a different kind of green energy and it is almost ready for unveiling.

The technology is called Solid Oxide Fuel Cell or SOFC for short. The system works exactly like FCEV where it uses hydrogen to create energy. However, instead of pumping in hydrogen into the car, you will need to pump in bio-ethanol fluid that is sourced from corns and sugarcanes.

The bio-ethanol will get processed in the SOFC system to develop hydrogen which will then power the car. Nissan revealed that they are the only carmaker working on this and they believe it is better than both pure EV and FCEV.

The fact that SOFC was part of Nissan’s announcement together with the next-gen Leaf, it suggests that the future Leaf may debut together with the first-gen SOFC technology. But of course, nothing is officialised yet and it is best to wait until Nissan unveils the next-gen Leaf.