Next Nissan Leaf: ProPilot Promises Greater Revenues Than Tesla Model 3

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The next-gen Nissan Leaf is one of the most anticipated cars in the world right now and it is expected to make its debut later this year. The love for the future Leaf is so strong because the car is going to be the complete EV package for the consumers.

Nissan has already confirmed that the future Leaf will be relying on a new battery pack which will offer more than 200 miles of driving range. If that is not exciting enough, you should know that the next-gen Leaf will be coming with ProPilot. The autonomous system from Nissan is tipped to be better than Tesla’s Autopilot and this raised the prospects for the upcoming Leaf.

A recent survey conducted by Cornell University published on Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies confirms that the consumers are open to paying $4,900 extra just to get autonomous driving technologies on their car.

Such a finding hints on greater revenues coming with the next-gen Leaf, especially since Nissan is expected to stick with the same pricing for their future electric car. Will the Leaf be able to do better than the future Tesla Model 3?