Next Nissan Leaf Wants To Be A Beauty Queen

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In about a week from now, Nissan will be hosting an event which will see them pulling the curtains off the next-gen Leaf. This is an event which many are excited for as they can’t wait to see how the next Leaf will measure up to the newly launched Tesla Model 3.

On the design front, however, we can already predict how the Leaf will look like and this is thanks to the spy shots as well as official teasers surrounding the EV.

In case you still can’t see it, the next-gen Leaf will continue having a hatchback structure. The shape and design, on the other hand, is improved by a huge margin due to the styling being inspired by the IDS concept. You can look at one of the spy photos below for an idea of it.

If the Leaf is to have the appearance of the IDS Concept, the car is likely to get greater feedback than the Model 3 as the design will be more attractive. Wouldn’t you agree?

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