Next Nissan Z Hints At Big Upgrades For Future GT-R!

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If theirs is one thing many would love to see Nissan do, it is to announce on the development of the next-gen Z-car. The 370Z has been in the market for far too long already and it is desperate for a successor.

There is no doubt that Nissan is aware of this but the lack of talks on the fate of the Z has left the fans in a state of unrest. But on the other hand, there are reports from credible outlets claiming that the next Z-Car is already being pieced together in secret.

An insider strengthened this claim earlier today when he revealed that the next Z will be called the 400Z – in reference to the 400hp V6 engine which it will run on. Such a setup will confirm this to be a progress for the Z family as the flagship GT-R only have 480hp back when it first made its debut.

Speaking of GT-R, there are also many that would love to know when the supercar will get a successor. Nissan has said before that they will study the need for a new GT-R again once they are done setting-up the foundations of their cars for the next decade.

One thing is for sure and it is that the GT-R is bound to get a power bump like no other. We are looking at figures like 800hp and beyond. Sticking to the base output of the current model will only blur the lines between the GT-R and the 400Z.