Next Porsche 911 GT3 RS Has A Good Reason To Ditch Manuals!

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What is there not to like about the latest Porsche 911 GT3? The car came out with so much power to offer and it even comes with a manual gearbox. This makes it the ultimate driver’s machine and driving purists as well as Porsche’s fans are over the moon for it.

So when Porsche announced on the more insane 911 GT3 RS coming out in the near future, many got excited to see what the vehicle will have to offer. Well, those excitements quickly evolved into worry after Porsche confirmed that the 911 GT3 RS won’t have manual at all.

Today, Porsche explained that it is for the best of the car since the 911 GT3 RS is aimed at achieving the best performance on a race track and a manual can’t achieve that. To make this goal possible, the 911 GT3 RS will wear a quick-shifting PDK gearbox.

As much as Porsche loves manuals, the transmission shifts slower than a PDK even when in the hands of the best driver. Manuals are undoubtedly more fun but it won’t allow Porsche to achieve their goals with the 911 GT3 RS.