Next RAM 1500 To Paint The Hot Desert Green?

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After hearing about the Ford F-150 Hybrid being in development, the lads from RAM remarked that they will need to conjure a hybrid pickup truck in the near future in other not to fall behind the competition.

RAM accepted the fact that they are now playing catch-up in the pickup truck market but they have some exciting ideas that can give them an advantage over the F-150 Hybrid. RAM didn’t go into details about it and they only teased about a sunny future with the 1500.

It is a pretty vague tease but it got the rumours claiming that the next RAM 1500 Hybrid will be coming with solar panels equipped on its roof, bed and body. The solar panel will aid in reducing emission and also ensure a longer driving range.

It is worth noting that the rumours also said that the 1500 Hybrid with solar panels will be made exclusively for Texas. The state is famous for its sunshine and desert, and it is also where RAM are most well received by the public.

If the rumours are right, then we can expect RAM to launch the green 1500 nationwide if the vehicle turns into a hit in Texas.