Next Range Rover Wants To Duel Jeep Grand Cherokee, Not Dodge Durango

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Land Rover confirmed earlier today that the next-gen Range Rover will not be coming with three rows of seats like how the rumors are indicating it to be.

Land Rover’s design director, Gerry McGovern, revealed that Range Rover is all about luxuries and refinement hence it is never meant for a 7-seat setup. The three row build is strictly reserved for the Discovery.

This statement makes it clear that Range Rover wants to keep its rivalry with the Jeep Grand Cherokee alive. The latter has ditched its 3-row ways in favor for an upmarket driving experience. The 7-seat setup is then turned into an exclusive for the Dodge Durango.

The next-gen Range Rover is eyeing to make its debut in 2019 and this is around the same time Jeep is expected to bring out a new Grand Cherokee. It will be interesting to see which of the two vehicles is better.