Next Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid To Follow BRZ’s Footsteps!

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It is official. In less than a year from now, Subaru will be bringing out the next-gen Crosstrek Hybrid and they even laid out some major details on the car.

Subaru’s press release revealed that the next Crosstrek Hybrid will be equipped with a hybrid setup that is sourced from Toyota. While it remains unclear on the power capabilities of such a setup, we can be certain that the hybrid technology from Toyota will grant the Crosstrek Hybrid a huge boost in MPG.

If that is not great enough, you will be glad to know that the use of Toyota’s parts will not change the way the Crosstrek Hybrid will drive. Subaru made it clear that the Crosstrek Hybrid will rely on the trademark symmetrical AWD.

Such a collaboration will make the Crosstrek Hybrid the second major vehicle from Subaru to pick-up Toyota’s recipe, behind the BRZ.