Next Subaru Forester Caught With A New Skin

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What you are looking at above is not your ordinary Subaru Forester. While the photo may depict an SUV with a design that is familiar to a Forester, there is plenty about it that may suggest a completely different vehicle.

Well, if you guessed it to be the next-gen Forester, you are spot on. The vehicle pictured above shows off the design features of the next-gen Forester and we can be pleased to see a large number of changes from the current model.

The next-gen Forester is also confirmed to be built on Subaru’s global architecture. Subaru has yet to drop any details on the powertrain options coming with the Forester and this will have to wait until the SUV gets unveiled in the near future.

The next-gen Forester is tipped to make its official debut in October this year and we can expect to hear the full spill then. Are you excited?