Next Supra Allegedly Restored Toyota’s Speed Desires

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Sports cars and Toyota are two things that don’t match well and this is due to the carmaker’s poor run of attempt at making fast cars. The latest 86 is dubbed as a big disappointment due to the car lacking in power hence many felt that Toyota has lost it when it comes to producing sports cars.

Well, in the 86’s defence, the car managed to score big on the fun scale and we don’t think it will be long before Toyota is able to revive its sporty mojo.

Today, new evidence have shown that Toyota is gradually getting more exciting as the carmaker suddenly approved the use of their sports cars in video games. Last year, Toyota made it clear that they are against seeing their sports vehicles in games but they have since changed their stance on this.

The proof is with the game called Gran Turismo, which had just witnessed the addition of the Supra MK4, 2000GT and the FT-1. The sudden change in stance has brought out a more positive vibe from Toyota and timing couldn’t be better as the next-gen Supra is nearing its debut.

The next-gen Supra is dubbed as the ultimate sports car from Toyota after years of absence in the road-legal performance scene and we can expect the Japanese carmaker to go big or bust with the vehicle.