Next Tesla Model S May Emphasis On Greater Handling

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Anytime someone starts bragging about how the Tesla Model S P100D can burst into speed on a drag track, they will immediately get silenced by the majority of car enthusiasts.

These enthusiasts simply responded by inquiring on proper track performance, something which the P100D is not good at. Being a straight line champion is all there is for the Model S and the poor handling can’t allow the car to compete strongly on a track session.

Even popular reviewer Doug DeMuro agrees with this when he revealed that the Model S is a great EV but the steering feel is poor and there are a lot of oversteers with the vehicle.

The remark from Doug was heard by Tesla and Elon Musk even brought it up on his Twitter page. The face of Tesla basically shared the clip of Doug’s review but made no comments about it.

Seeing that Doug is really popular among car enthusiasts, the move to share his review has led many to believe that Elon Musk is showing interest in track performance.

It has been a while since the Model S made its debut hence if a new generation model is coming out in the near future, it may just address the oversteering issue for good.