Next Tesla Roadster: You’re Not Missing Anything Anymore!

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The Roadster is the next major sports car to come from Tesla and it promises to become the fastest accelerating, road-legal vehicle when released.

Tesla confirmed on the next-gen Roadster back when they unveiled the Semi Truck very recently ago and they also claimed that the EV sports car will be capable of hitting 60mph in just 1.9 seconds.

On papers, this is crazy fast and something which many has taken with a grain of salt as they don’t expect EV technologies to become that good in a short space of time. For some section of the crowd, they view it as a rumour due to the fact that they have missed out on the Roadster’s confirmation.

Well, if you are among them, there is now official proof of Tesla’s claims on the upcoming Roadster. The EV carmaker has released a lengthy video that highlights the Roadster’s reveal and you can check it out below.