Next Toyota 4Runner: Could This Be It?

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Toyota’s truck-based SUV, the 4Runner, is desperate for a new-generation model and fans of the vehicle are wishing for the same design but with better driving technologies.

Well, Toyota has confirmed that a new generation 4Runner is on the way but their vision for the future vehicle may not be something you want to be excited for.

The carmaker has yet to reveal the official details but insiders are claiming on a vehicle that has taken a lot of inspirations from the global truck-based SUV, the Toyota Fortuner.

The Fortuner is a hot-selling Hilux-based SUV with a proven off-road ability and it had just gotten a redesign for the global market. With Toyota potentially cutting cost on R&D, they may simply resort to basing the next-gen 4Runner on the Fortuner.

It won’t be too bad from a driving point-of-view but the folks here are unlikely to be pleased with the soft design of the Fortuner.