Next Toyota Corolla Will Stick To Naturally Aspirated, Here’s Why

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After Honda launched the all-new Civic, there have been a large handful of enthusiasts calling for Toyota to upgrade the Corolla so that it can rival the car.

The Civic runs on the new 1.5L 4-cylinder turbocharged engine with 174hp to offer and it can also return up to 42mpg in fuel economy. While the Civic might look impressive, we don’t think that it has to worry about an updated Corolla.

This is because the Corolla won’t be utilizing a turbocharged engine at all. For Toyota, their primary concern is decent amount of power, great fuel economy and also reliability. They want the Corolla to be cheap but also hard to break down.

Having a turbocharged engine on board won’t do the Corolla any good hence it will be sticking to a naturally aspirated powertrain. The engine will be tuned for even greater fuel economy, just like how it is with the Prius.

Toyota is aware that this won’t make the Corolla attractive but they are confident in getting insane sales figures like they always do with current vehicles.