Next Toyota FJ Cruiser Has No Plans To Be A Tacoma Convert!

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The last LA Auto Show saw Toyota teasing on the release of many new SUVs and among them is a spiritual successor for the discontinued FJ Cruiser. The mysterious vehicle is said to be in the works right now and it is being made to stop the returning Ford Bronco.

But without any official details on the vehicle, nobody can predict how good the spiritual successor for the FJ Cruiser will be. This then explains why many are clinging onto the rumours that have claimed the upcoming all-terrain SUV to be based on the Tacoma.

Well, we don’t think this is true at all because the 4Runner has already filled that truck-based SUV role. Having another Tacoma that has been converted into an SUV won’t make sense as it will only hurt the 4Runner.

The way we see it, the mystery vehicle will be slightly larger than the 4Runner in terms of size and it will also have a mildly wacky design like the previous Fj Cruiser.