Next Toyota Prius To Start On Talking Cars Trend?

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Turn indicators have been around for a long time already but they are still not being used efficiently by drivers worldwide. While there are many that practices the use of turn signals, a similar crowd can be described as guilty for not relying on them.

So how do you solve this issue and help prevent crashes caused by miscommunication and misunderstood drivers? One would say the simplest way is to employ a technology that can communicate independently hence overwriting the need to rely on the driver to use turn signals.

Well, Toyota is ahead of things when they pledged commitment to V2V and V2I earlier today. The technologies in this subject will force cars to communicate with one another through the use of GPS and sharing the driving records of the driver. It’s like an artificial intelligence technology for cars that is aimed at preventing crashes.

If the plan is to proceed, we can expect a prototype to be embedded on the next-gen Prius. Why Prius? Well, it’s because the Prius has always been that car which promotes new technologies from Toyota and the next-gen model is likely to arrive around the same time as the communicating tool.