Next Toyota Supra: 4-Pot vs 6-Pot vs Hybrid

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The next-gen Toyota Supra has been closely linked to making its official debut at the next LA Auto Show happening later this month and many are excited for it.

This cannot be helped as the Supra’s arrival will finally put to rest the debate on what powertrain will feature on the car. There is a lot of uncertainty on the mill resting underneath the hood of the next Supra but we can be sure that there will be three different types of engine.

The first is a 4-cylinder from Toyota. The second is a newly built performance hybrid powertrain. The third is a BMW-sourced inline-6 engine. So, which would it be?

Personally, we sure hope for the Supra to run on an inline-6 or a hybrid because either choice can lead to a stellar performance. Toyota has disappoint when it comes to a standard 4-pot as seen on the 86.

Once again, all will be answered at LA but we would love to hear which outcome you favour. As such we have embedded a spy video of the Supra below for your viewing with hopes of you being able to identify the mill based on the sound emitted from the Supra.