Next Toyota Supra All-Set For CR Award!

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The next-gen Toyota Supra is still pending to make its debut but that is not stopping the sports car from being a favourite on Consumer Reports.

CR has always been the medium of choice when it comes to measuring the reliability of a production vehicle and this is where the Supra is expected to excel in.

After seeing the 86 being the only sports car to land on Consumer Reports’ 2017’s 10 Most Reliable Vehicle, many are expecting the Supra to join the ranks once it has made its debut.

Toyota has always been a leading brand in terms of reliability and this further suggests that the Supra is going to have a bullet-proof, high-quality finish.

With reliability all but a confirmed thing for the Supra, Toyota can place more focus on the vehicle’s performance. The verdict on the Supra will be out once the car has made its debut later this year.