Next Toyota Supra: BMW Turbos vs Lexus Hybrid

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The next-gen Toyota Supra is one of the most talked about vehicles right now as fans and enthusiasts attempt to predict the best outcome for the vehicle. The recent reports citing that the Supra will run on the mills from BMW further fueled those discussions with many hoping that they are not true.

We are against the move that will see the Supra running on the BMW-sourced 2L turbo-4 engine or even the 3L turbo straight-6 mill. Like the majority of the feedback, such an outcome will make the Supra less special since the BMW motors won’t offer allow the Supra to offer an original performance.

We would prefer it if the upcoming Supra is to rely on the performance hybrid powertrain that was rumored to happen back in Q1 this year. The hybrid setup can be borrowed from the Lexus LC500h and enhanced just for the Supra.

Just the thought of 3.5L V6 with electric motors injects excitement on the Supra as the setup can allow the vehicle to enter the 500hp zone. Furthermore, the Supra can offer a low running cost on the daily.

But of course, nothing is for certain at the moment and the final decision is for Toyota to make. Which outcome do you prefer with the Supra?