Next Toyota Supra May Break Records With Prius’ Mechanism

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For the past week or so, we have been attempting to predict the hybrid powertrain which the next-gen Toyota Supra will rely on and it saw us siding with the 450hp hybrid system sourced from the Lexus LC500h.

Well, after seeing how the LMP1 Hybrid race car was able to set a new Le Mans record earlier today, Toyota may just build the Supra with the same mill that is used on the LMP1.

The setup is near-identical to the Prius as it greatly relies on energy recovery, storage and usage system for hybrid power. This system will be paired to a V6 engine as the primary source of power and it will give a total output of 550hp.

This is about 100hp more than what the Lexus LC500h is capable of and it will definitely make the Supra more insane than ever. The fact that the LMP1 creating a new track record at 3”14’7 and next Supra can look to replicate this on the road-legal front.