Next Toyota Supra Narrows It To Inline-6 & Pure Hybrid!

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One of the things which many would love to know about the next-gen Toyota Supra is the powertrain options that will come with the sports car.

Toyota has not offer any clues to the engines that will feature on the Supra hence we have been relying on spy videos and rumours just to get an idea on what is to come with the car.

Some rumours have claimed that the Supra will adopt a performance hybrid setup while others suggest that the car will run on an inline-6 engine that is sourced from BMW

Well, both setups are actually likely to come true as we have witnessed spy videos which come with the sound of an inline-6 as well as a hybrid system. This discovery also puts the V6 speculations to bed although we are still uncertain on which setup will be marketed as the ultimate Supra.

More on this will be revealed when the Supra makes its official unveiling and that is expected to take place at the LA Auto Show later this month. Are you excited?