Next Toyota Supra Needs To Be 3x Better Than 86 Or Risk Failure!

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Every passing day brings us closer to the release of the next-gen Toyota Supra and it also brought out more information on the car. The latest claim on the Supra came from an insider and he relayed how much the car will cost when released.

As how it was reported on Carscoops, the next-gen Supra is tipped to arrive with an opening price of about $63,500. This is about 2.5 times the price of the 86, which is fitting for a vehicle that promises plenty more power and a world-beating performance.

But then again, the rumoured figures of 335hp and 369ft-lbs of torque are not supporting this expectation at all and this is especially when the 86 is packed with 200hp.

With anxiety being at its peak, we have to say that the Supra needs to be 3 times better than the 86 to justify its price. Why 3? Well, being 2.5 times better than the 86 isn’t enough as the entry level sports car is considered as underpowered by many. Take that 0.5 difference as power refinements that can translate well on the track.

More importantly, Toyota should really get going with the release of the Supra. The hype is dragging on for far too long already that it is now at risk of going into a decline.