Next Toyota Supra Now At Risk Of Being A Glorified 86

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The current Toyota line-up only has one sports car to offer and it is the 86. The latter has got the looks of a fast car and it is also fun to drive. However, to call the 86 fast may not be right at all since the vehicle can’t go faster than the Toyota Tundra.

This brings us to the upcoming Supra. After years of disappointment with the 86, we thought that the Supra can give the Toyota line-up a big lift but the latest spy video has dragged our hopes down.

A video of the 86 preparing for another test run in Germany surfaced online earlier today and the sound emitted suggests on the use of a 4-cylinder engine. It immediately got us thinking of the rumours claiming that the 4-pot mill will only have 248hp to offer hence it won’t be a big leap from the 86.

The video is embedded below for your viewing and we certainly hope that the rumours don’t come true.