Next Toyota Supra: The Real Challenge Is With Toyota Tundra!

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It is no secret that Toyota is developing the next-gen Supra and the vehicle looks set to be the fastest production car in Toyota’s camp when released. But of course, this would mean that the Supra must be able to outdo the Tundra.

Many are unaware of the fact that the Tundra is now the fastest and most powerful vehicle from Toyota. The Tundra is now offered with a Toyota-approved supercharger that will go along with the 5.7L V8 engine that this will allow the pickup truck to develop a whopping 504hp and 550ft-lbs of torque. The setup also enables the Tundra to hit 60mph from stop in an amazing time of 4.4 seconds.

So if the next-gen Supra wants to impress, it will need to target 500hp and have the ability to hit 60mph from standstill in under 4 seconds. Anything less than that may just ruin the car’s potential to be the fastest vehicle produced by Toyota.

The Japanese carmaker is expected to unveil the next-gen Supra later this year and we can’t wait to check out what the car has to offer. Will the Supra be able to outdo the Tundra?