Next Toyota Supra: Video Proves Winter Release Would Make Sense!

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Launching a brand new car is a complex process, especially when picking the right launching date. One of the most anticipated cars right now is the next-gen Toyota Supra and the sports car is expected to make its debut this year.

Well, considering that we are now entering Q4 2017, the next Supra may get released in winter season and this seems unlikely to happen. One would say that it is bad business to launch a sports car in winter since the time you can spend with the car will be limited due to the snowy conditions.

If it does happen though, Toyota will probably pull up the video below and claim that the snowy conditions won’t be able to stop the Supra from performing.

The clip saw racer Kenneth Moen racing across a snowy track with a modified old Toyota Supra. The next-gen Supra is bound to offer more power and greater handling. This goes to say that the tough winter terrain is not an excuse to launch the Supra at the end of this year. Will it happen though?