Next Toyota Supra: Visor Test Is More Mysterious Than MSRP!

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It is no secret that Toyota is planning to bring out the next-gen Supra at a major motoring event later this year and it will see the carmaker spilling every detail on the vehicle.

Even so, we don’t have to wait until the curtain falls down to get a rough idea of what the Supra will have to offer. There are numerous leaks around and they are all pointing to a lightweight setup that relies on a 6-pot mill from BMW.

The latest leak surfaced yesterday and it claims that the Supra will have an MSRP of $63,500 when released here in the US. When converted to CAD with the country’s car pricing pattern in mind, those living in the Great White North can expect a $100,000 fee for the Supra.

Some Canadian fans have already taken it online to share that they are fine with the pricing of the car. What bothered us is the bigger curiosity towards the Supra’s visor availability.

It was then when we came to realize that visors are really important for Canadians thus explaining why the lads at Straight Pipes tend to perform a visor test on most of the cars which they’ve reviewed. Well, the visor test result will need to wait until Toyota launches the Supra.