Next Toyota Supra: Why Lexus Hybrid Would Do Better Than BMW Turbos

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There have been a lot of debates on what the upcoming Toyota Supra will run on. Various sources are indicating that the Supra will have two engine options and they are both sourced from BMW.

These mills are turbocharged and it is something which we prefer not seeing on the Supra as we wouldn’t want the sports car to be another BMW M-car that wears a different badge. The Supra has got a reputation in the performance market back in the 90s hence we would rather have the car with an original mill from Toyota.

With that being said, we would prefer it if the rumours linking the Supra with the hybrid powertrain from Lexus is to come true. The hybrid setup can be borrowed from the Lexus LC500h and enhanced just for the Supra.

The 3.5L V6 with electric motors injects excitement on the Supra as the setup can allow the vehicle to enter the 500hp zone. Furthermore, the Supra can offer a low running cost on the daily.

But of course, nothing is for certain at the moment and the final decision is for Toyota to make. Which outcome do you prefer with the Supra?