Next Toyota Tundra: Can Tacoma Inspirations Beat Ford F-150?

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The Tundra can be described as Toyota’s flagship pickup truck here in the US and for a vehicle of such status, the Tundra is finding it difficult to narrow the huge gap that separates it from the Ford F-150.

The more shocking bit is that Toyota’s midsized pickup, the Tacoma, has dominated the midsized pickup segment and this probably explains why many are speculating that the next-gen Tundra will draw inspiration from its smaller sibling.

The word is that the next-gen Tundra will come out with a completely new platform that is compatible with a variety of powertrain options including that of hybrids. With such flexibility, the Tundra can look towards expanding its market reach.

Furthermore, the Tundra is also linked closely to getting all the great features on the Tacoma. Among them is the wheel-crawl control that has played a huge role in the sales success of the midsized pickup.

Whether these will be enough to push the Tundra into becoming a real challenger for the pickup truck throne is a question that remains to be answered. More importantly, the Tundra has been desperate for an upgrade for a decade already and anything new can threaten the Ford F-150.