Next Toyota Tundra Looking At Electrics To Outdo Ford F-150

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Unlike how it is with the midsized pickup truck segment where the Tacoma is the most dominant name around, Toyota is struggling to achieve growth in the full-sized pickup truck scene.

There isn’t a lot wrong with what the Tundra has to offer aside from the fact that the pickup truck is considered old when compared to the current chart-topping vehicle, the Ford F-150.

This is something which Toyota is hoping to address with the next-gen Tundra and one way to improve the prospect of the full-sized vehicle is through utilizing the same technologies that has made the Tacoma attractive.

Aside from that, Toyota revealed that they are currently developing a new TNGA platform for the next-gen Tundra and it will be one that enables them to equip the pickup truck with a hybrid setup.

Such a setup will make the Tundra the first-ever mass-produced full-sized hybrid pickup truck here in the US and it will be interesting to see how the market reacts to it. Can the hybrid setup push the the Tundra ahead of the Ford F-150?