Next Volkswagen Golf GTI Must Address Hyundai i30 N Or Risk Losing It

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The arrival of the i30 N marks Hyundai’s entry in the performance market and the car is already getting a lot of positive feedback from major reviewers. This cannot be helped as the i30 N is really fast for its price and this may see the vehicle devouring sales of its rivals.

Among them is the Volkswagen Golf GTI, which has long been the leading name in the affordable sports hatchback department. The Golf GTI is currently in the process of getting replaced by a new generation model and the pressure is on Volkswagen to deliver as they will need to compete with a strong i30 N.

To put numbers into context, the i30 N retails from £24,995 and this is about £4,000 cheaper than the current Golf GTI. The entry level model has 247hp to offer and this makes it more powerful than the current Golf GTI.

If the next-gen Golf GTI wants to kill off the threat from Hyundai, it will need a performance improvement and better pricing. We don’t see Volkswagen settling for the latter hence it is perhaps best for the German company to go overboard with the performance upgrades while keeping the current MSRP intact.