Nintendo Switch Achieves ‘Speed’ Crown, ‘Bestseller’ Still Pending

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It is official. The Nintendo Switch has made its mark in gaming history by becoming the fastest selling gaming system in several regions.

The record stole the headlines after Nintendo revealed that they have moved 4.8 million units of Switch between March 3 and Dec. 31 in U.S. The previous record was owned by the Switch’s predecessor, the Wii. The latter achieved 4 million units sold within that same time period.

As an extra bonus, you should know that over 60% Nintendo Switch owners have Super Mario Odyssey. 55% of the gamers on the Switch also have The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

All is well for the Nintendo Switch and the only thing left to achieve is the bestseller title. This still belongs to Sony Playstation but the Switch can beat it if pace of sales are to maintain consistency for this year.