Nissan 370Z Denied A Successor With Mild Update!

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For years already, fans of the Z-car have been crying for Nissan to produce a successor for the aging 370Z and this appears to be something which Nissan isn’t interested in doing.

Rumours have been claiming that a new Z-car that will run on a 400hp twin-turbo engine coming out next year but the odds are now stacked against them coming true after Nissan started talking about another new upgrade coming to the 370Z.

Yes, you read that right. The 2019 Nissan 370Z will get some mild improvements and this will allow the car to last a couple more years before a successor can be put into consideration.

Nissan quoted that the 2019 370Z will have a new opening price that starts at $29,990 and it will see the vehicle coming with two new colour options as well as a brand-new infotainment system.

These are the only upgrades coming to the 370Z and we see it as something underwhelming. There is just no way for Nissan to avoid the call for a new Z-car once the updated 370Z turns obsolete.