Nissan 370Z: Is Mild Update A Hint Of Lengthy Next-gen Delay?

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If the Z-car release pattern is to be referred to, there should be a new generation model coming out between now and next year but this is unlikely to come true at all.

The speculations are rife in claiming that the successor to the 370Z is going to come out next year but we don’t expect it to happen, especially since Nissan had just announced on a mildly updated 370Z.

As how you can see in the picture above, the refreshed 370Z is basically one that is equipped with the NISMO package. Also, the car will be getting black door handles, black rear bumper fascia, and new 19-inch alloy wheels. To complete this cosmetic upgrade, Nissan will be offering the coupe with a new paint – Red Metallic.

Seeing that Nissan is not showing a great amount of interest in building performance car, the refreshed 370Z could be Nissan’s way of extending the life span of the Z-car. In other words, the next Z may be delayed for a much later release.