Nissan 370Z Kisses Next-Gen Dream Goodbye!

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It’s the same old tune for Nissan as the company has decided to not work on new-generation models of their exciting performance cars. Instead, Nissan chooses to apply minor upgrades on the aging 370Z with hopes of good sales.

Nissan revealed that for 2019, the 370Z will retail from $29,990 and it will arrive with two new colour options as well as an updated infotainment system. No changes are being made on the performance-end as the car will continue to be the same depending on the packages opted.

This is a bit too harsh on the fans because the 370Z is considered as an outdated car that is desperate for a successor. The fans have expected Nissan to start talking about a new generation model this year but instead, they got two new colour options.

Based on this decision alone, we can say that it is time to stop hoping for a new Z-car. Keeping the hopes alive will only end in a bitter heartbreak and we will prefer to hear about the next Z-car when it actually happens.