Nissan 370Z: Sudden Update Kills Hope For Next Z-Car

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Fans of the Nissan Z have been loud in calling out a successor for the long serving 370Z but their wish is unlikely to come true in the near future. This is despite of the rumors linking the next Z-car with the 3L twin-turbo V6 on the Infiniti Red Sport.

The successor for the 370Z now looks like it will be coming out in 2021 the earliest and this is due to Nissan’s decision to give the aging 370Z a mild update for 2018. Yes, you read that right, the 370Z is still getting updates and this will only stretch its life further.

So, what’s new with the 2018 370Z?

For starters, Nissan has turned the NISMO add-ons with the 370Z as a standard feature. Also, the car will be getting black door handles, black rear bumper fascia, and new 19-inch alloy wheels. To complete this cosmetic upgrade, Nissan will be offering the coupe with a new paint – Red Metallic.

Under the hood, things are relatively the same aside from the application of a brand new performance clutch that will improve downshift and also reduce driver pedal effort.