Nissan 370Z Update Won’t Delay Next-Gen Development, Here’s Why

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Nissan is full of surprises in 2017 and their latest shocker is a slightly updated 370Z. Knowing that fans are anticipating the development of the next-gen Z-car, Nissan has decided to do the unexpected and that is to offer the 370Z with a minor cosmetic upgrade.

However, the majority of 370Z lovers are not pleased with the update since it would mean more delays to the development of the next-gen Z-car. The release pattern of the Nissan Z is already screaming for a successor this year but this looks unlikely to happen since the 370Z had just got updated.

Well, we beg to differ as the refreshed 370Z could be Nissan trying to clear their inventory. It could also be that Nissan is testing the market to see if a new Z-car would make a great business decision.

There have been talks on the next Z-car to run on the 3L twin-turbo V6 that features on Infiniti Red Sport. We expect this to come true and Nissan will start spilling the beans next year. Nissan is in a strong financial position to afford the development of a new Z car and we sure hope that it comes true.