Nissan 370Z vs Your Testicle: Is It Worth The Trade?

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For its price, the latest Nissan 370Z is pretty much a decent sports car although many would argue that Nissan could’ve done better with the vehicle. This brings us to the next question. Is the 370Z worth paying up for with one of your body parts?

To be more precise, would you be willing to remove one of your testicles just so you can obtain a 370Z? For one man, the answer is yes.

The Australian took part in a medical campaign which requires him to give away his left testicle just so he can earn $35,000. This is just enough for the lad to purchase his Nissan 370Z brand new and he never regretted that decision because the 370Z is his dream car.

This is easily the most extreme measure taken by an individual for a car which we have ever heard and we are unsure on whether to commend the lad’s big love for the 370Z or call him a lunatic.