Nissan 370Zki: The Last Fun Z-Car Until Further Notice!

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Nissan has made it clear that the Z-car is not dead like how many claimed it to be and there will be a successor to the long-serving 370Z. The only unfortunate bit here is that Nissan is too occupied with other stuffs that they can’t focus on the Z hence it will be a long time before the next Z can emerge.

This can also be said as Nissan will remain boring until further notice. Aside from the GTR, their last real fun car is the 370Z and fans of the carmaker should find more creative ways to enjoy the 370Z more.

One lad is well ahead of things as he equipped his 370Z with all-terrain track tyres and ski boards before driving his car into a snowy hill. The owner calls it skiing with his 370Z, or better known as the 370Zki. The video below shows that the owner literally skied on his 370Zki and we have to say it looks super fun. Well, this will have to do at least until Nissan starts talking about the next-Z again.