Nissan Altima Edition One: Another Opportunity Wasted?

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Nissan had just brought out the new-generation Altima and they even released a special variant model called the Edition One to boost the sedan’s popularity in the market.

The Altima Edition One has certainly done its part as the kickass name of the car has put the spotlight on the latest Altima. The only problem with this is that the Edition One is not exactly a car worth looking forward to unless you’re the sort that likes free gifts.

Despite being a better vehicle than the range-topping Altima, the Edition One does not have an exciting cabin. The interior design is so poor that it has failed to balance out with the sleek exterior. Yes, the cabin is filled with premium quality finish but that’s just it. There aren’t any shades of exclusivity or a timeless premium design to boost the Edition One’s stature.

Performance on the Edition One will be no different to the range-topping Altima and this is also a problem in our eyes. If you can’t make the Edition One exciting, you could at least sharpen the driving experience on the car. The Edition One would have done better if it is to operate on AWD instead of being identical to the range-topping Altima.

All in all, the Altima Edition One can be described as the range-topping Altima but with some mild refinements on the design front. It’s selling point are the free gifts which Nissan is offering such as an Apple Watch as well as Nissan’s live customer support.