Nissan Commences Global Prius Extermination With Greener Power

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Things have gone from bad to worse for the Toyota Prius. Aside from being an ugly car in the eyes of the average consumer, the Prius is also struggling on the sales front. Here in the US, the latest Prius is having a tough time taking off as many interested individuals are being repelled by the car’s design.

If that is not bad enough, it was confirmed that the Prius has also lost its throne in its home country, Japan. The benchmark in the hybrid market loses out the top spot in sales to the latest Nissan Note e-Power and Nissan is now considering replicating this on the global scale.

Nissan revealed that the new e-Power hybrid range extender system is receiving a lot of love from the green goers hence they have commenced plans to push out the technology on the global scale.

Once everything is in place, we can expect the Versa Note here in the US to be offered with e-Power. Such an offering can really turn the Versa Note into a major green car in the US market and this may cause more problems for the already underperforming Prius.