Nissan Explains Why Leaf Has The Worst Resale Value

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Just yesterday, we discussed about the Nissan Leaf being the worst vehicle when it comes to resale value and we couldn’t come up with the perfect way to explain this. The resale value of the Leaf is so bad that even gasoline powered cars from Europe are doing better here in the US. What gives?

Apparently, Nissan is aware about this and a spokesperson from the company has come out to offer an explanation. According to Nissan, the first major factor is with the price reduction for the Leaf that was introduced in 2013. The other issue is with the fact that the Leaf runs on an EV powertrain and the battery could be less efficient than before

Nissan concluded by revealing that they are plotting replaceable battery packs to help preserve the value of the Leaf hence making the secondary market for used EVs as a healthier than it is today.